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About Ask Anything Saturday

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About the 'Ask Anything Saturday' program...



Every Saturday morning at the Unleavened Bread Cafe (UBcafe.com), from 10am til noon(ish)... we invite anyone and everyone from the neighborhood or beyond.... to just come in, get to know folks NOT like themselves... and learn from one another.  Our goals are to help inner-city neighbors and urban leaders... to cross the 3 great divides...


  • Digital Divide -- between the techno 'haves' and the 'have-nots'.
  • Multicultural Divide -- put back together what the devil has divided.
  • God's Eternal Divide -- Wanting the benefits of 'peace with the Almighty' for our neighbors as for ourselves.



And we'd like to connect with OTHER great Christian social-environments which would like to become wireless and helpful in working together to carry out these three goals in THEIR neighborhoods.


...More soon...   In the meantime, come experience it for yourself !!!







  • It's a ministry program, not an entity or organization.  It has no budget.
  • The future vision is for it to be carried out in a NUMBER of urban community locations -- not just the Unleavened Bread Cafe.
  • The 'Each One Teach One' concept means that it could flourish in many urban areas... 'taking a life of its own', so to speak.
  • The program attempts to use existing available resources... computers... and available internet connections via the hosting location (eg, the cafe's).
    • Technology Lab... here's a general page where we're documenting ours.
    • Ongoing internet-access is provided by the hosting location, and often is underwritten via gifts to the cafe.
    • Computers are provided by the hosting location.  Often they are used computers given to the cafe.
    • Software licenses are typically obtained from TechSoup.  The cost often is underwritten via a gift to the cafe.
      • Licenses held in the name of the cafe corporation ('Interwoven By Jesus') will be controlled by Neil Cox (cafe board member).
  • It's built on the principles of collaboration, and low-cost.  Thus there's really nothing to be 'owned' by the program. 
    • Some equipment (projector, camera, video-camcorder) has been purchased by Ministry Support Services (dba/IndyChristian.com)... and loaned to the program.
    • The internet site (here) was started by Ministry Support Services (dba/ IndyChristian.com), and use of the domain-name 'Ask Anything Saturday.com' is loaned to us by Ministry Support Services.
    • MSS has also typically provided annual membership into TechMission.
    • The internet site for the cafe was started by IndyChristian.com, and use of the domain-name 'UBcafe.com' is loaned to us by MSS.
    • The internet site for our Gmail service was started by Alex Conner, and use of the domain-name is loaned to us by Alex.
    • The internet site for 'Ask Anything Saturday TV' was started by Alex Conner, and use of the domain-name is loaned to us by Alex.
  • Insofar as the program needs any money... we really don't need any.  'We spin relationships into gold'. *smile*
    • Over the years, a great number of volunteers & trainees have helped with the program.  Many are now represented on 'The Begats Tree'






Our History...


  • The program started (after work-hours) with Neil Cox (IndyChristian.com) and Ian Hookfin, when we were on staff together at Tab.
    • It deployed the 'each one teach one' methodology on Thursday evenings before the neighborhood worship/meal together at Tab.
    • We used free (used) computers provided to Tab for use in the program.
    • The initiative was so successful, it spawned a renovation of the 'Gallery'... turning it into a great new library with computers.
    • Before the renovation was finished, Neil & Ian left the staff at Tab, and moved the program to...
  • We moved the program to the Old Centrum (12th x Central) in 2002.
    • When there, with the help of Marvin Gainer, a nonprofit corporation was formed "Christian Collaborative Network"... which later ran out of money, and no longer exists.
  • We then moved the program to the cafe in appx 2004.
    • 3 of our volunteer techs were keenly instrumental in setting up the cafe computers... Justin Bond, Jared Ingold, and Nate Howman.
    • Neil became a board member of the cafe's corporation ('Interwoven By Jesus')
  • We are now in the process of replicating the program to 2 more locations....
    • Victory Village Shoppe
    • Kingdom Cafe -- staffed by key volunteers previously at the UBcafe... Gerald & Damita Ivey.
  • Soon we want to replicate it at...
    • Rebuilding The Wall
    • Northside New Era



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