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Basic Computer Setups

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Basic Computer Set-ups....



[just my opinion.... Anyone got other ideas, pro or con?]



Typically, we all need to be able to do the following... 


(current versions, please)


  • MS Internet Explorer
  • Firefox browser
  • Flash player
  • Real Player No longer in use
  • Windows Media
  • Quicktime
  • Acrobat Reader
  • YouTube videos
  • Flickr photos
  • Facebook.com
  • [and they need to be able to actually PLAY videos inside Facebook -- Our class has a group page with videos in it, which apparently our computers won't play.]
  • And somehow, we need to be able to provide (cheap) ear-buds -- say in the Student Admin office (or Library) as practical.  The public libraries apparently offer cheap sets for $1.




  • And btw, as long as you're optimizing our browsers with some basic functionalities.... please make the LINKS-bar visible on all the computers so our students will start understanding how to take advantage of this great (unheralded) feature.  Please delete Microsoft's self-serving buttons (nobody uses them, thus people assume the LINKS-bar is useless).  And as you have time... let me encourage you to ADD some standard buttons that a lot of people might use... Crossroads.edu, IndyChristian.com, IndyStar.com, GoogleNews, GoogleReader, GospelCom.net (Bible).



Other ideas, thoughts, links... re Basic setups?


  • Perhaps a "kiosk" style setup on the public machines would be beneficial, that way the cafe regulars don't have to try and re-locate everything every time they sit down to use a computer.  Firefox has Kiosk style plugins, and Microsoft provides a software package free for licensed copies of XP and Vista that rolls the computer back to it's pre-set state on re-boot.  This should reduce the number of "virus" and "spyware" related issues, because all that will be needed to fix them is a simple re-boot.
  • A standard link-bar and start page should be mandatory, even if it's nothing more than a simple search box.  It's been my experience that it really throws beginner and intermediate skill level users when they open the browser and it takes them somewhere other than they expected. (and for the record, not a fan of MSN.com...) 

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