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A browser is the computer program that 'browses' (surfs) the internet.


And although it may have typically been used mostly to LOOK at stuff on the internet, increasingly now the browser is getting more functional and able to actually DO STUFF on the internet.  Example:  You can not only read the news now, you can often add your comments about what you read.  Or you can not only SEE your bank statement online, your browser is also capable of TRANSACTING your bank business, or pay bills online.


People mostly use Microsoft's  'Internet Explorer' as their browser -- not necessarily because it's the best browser, but because it's the most common.  After all, Bill Gates packages Internet Explorer for free along with the Windows operating system (which he charges for).  Internet Explorer is also available for free by downloading it from Microsoft.com.


Another browser which is getting increasingly popular is Mozilla's  'FireFox' browser.  Also free via download.  And competitive with MS Internet Explorer... so they always seem to make the best innovations first, before MS... And later those innovations seem to get included in subsequent updates of MS Internet Explorer.




'Browser Buttons'... sometimes called LINKS-bar (Microsoft IE)...


  • Easy to set up your own favorite buttons.
  • [And 'yes'... it's like FAVORITES... because you want to easily/quickly click to your most-important websites in ONE click, right?  So having a BUTTON set up for just that purpose would be a great thing, huh?]
  • Close all browser-windows except the one you're in.
  • Click VIEW
  • Click TOOLBARS
  • You may need to uncheck the 'Lock Toolbars' item.
  • Check-mark the LINKS toolbar so that it shows.  (Microsoft IE).... or...
  • Check-mark the BOOKMARKS toolbar (Firefox).
  • Ok, now that the LINKS/Bookmarks bar shows up in the browser ok... Now add particular site-buttons.... as follows...
  • Surf to your most important site that you visit one or more times per day, say.... and....
  • Drag-drop the tiny little icon that's up in the ADDRESS block of your browser.... dropping it ONTO the Links/Bookmarks bar.  And wait a few seconds.  Voila, it appeared... right?
  • Now you may want to right-click the button and rename the button to some shorter name... so you can get several buttons onto your Links/Bookmarks bar.  [For Firefox, you can rename it via PROPERTIES item as you right-click the button).
  • Check-mark the LOCK (View Toolbars) Toolbar item.
  • Close the browser.
  • Hopefully, when you re-open the browser... your 'buttons' will still be there.



Your Browser as Your Life Dashboard?  Since the Links/Bookmarks bar is limited space, effectively this feature becomes something of a PRIORITIZATION function for your life, huh?  If you don't even have room on your browser Links/Bookmarks bar... you' probably don't have time for that page every day either... right?  Thus your browser is something like a daily dashboard re your (internet) life.  Use your space... and time... wisely.


  • Got a Bible button[see the easy Bible-search block on this page?  Might be good to make this a key button on your browser.]



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