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Cafe Activities

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Schedule of Cafe Activities...  Weekly & Special Events...


(About the Unleavened Bread Cafe



Here are some WEEKLY activities at the cafe...



  • Mon...  Cafe Closed
  • Tues... Open 7:30 am til 12:00 pm
  • Tues... Urban Women's Bible Study (time?)
  • Tues... Greater Faith House of Prayer (church) -- Prayer Meeting
  • Tues... (1st Tues) Mid-North Shepherd Center
  • Tues... (2nd Tues) Sewing Circle -- making things for urban moms.
  • Weds... Open 7am til 11:30am
  • Weds... AM Bible Study (various topics?  book study?)
  • Weds... Noon Bible Study for Women
  • Weds... Cora Prayer (1st Weds of month)
  • Thurs... Open 7am til 11:30am
  • Thurs... Bethlehem House -- Addictions Group
  • Thurs... Greater Faith House of Prayer (church) Prayer Time. 
  • Thurs... Nick Bolden's "Urban Warriors" Bible-study.


  • Fri... Open 7am til 11:30am
  • Fri... AM Bible Study (Racial Reconciliation)
  • Sat... Open 7am til 1:00pm
  • Sat... (weekly) 'Ask Anything Saturday' -- internet Q&A time.
  • Sat... (3rd Sat.)... 'Living Wage' group  (community room)
  • Sat... (3rd Sat.)... Board meeting  (community room)
  • Sat... (3rd Sat.)... Women In Motion group (community room)
  • Sat... (4th Sat)... Ask Anything Saturday -- special training. (community room)
  • Sunday -- The cafe portion is CLOSED... 
  • Sunday -- Greater Faith House of Prayer (church) meets in the community room.  Come join them.






Special Upcoming Activities... (we hope to fill in shortly) 







  • Jan. 7, 2009 Cora Prayer (formerly from Cora Simmons House)


  • 2009 -- ________Black Expo (what week?  Let's get a booth there)
  • 2009 -- July (   )... FHL Week



Also see the  'Indy Timeline'  of collaborative events for Christians all over the city.




* Cafe would like to be open for more weekday hours... when funds become available for creating those new jobs.





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