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Call It In

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Call It In....


This is just a fond expression about how to leave an audio-blog message on a website automatically by just using your cell phone.   Here's an example... podcasting via cell-phone from a seniors gathering in a church basement where no computer was readily available.  Point is, to use these kinds of technologies to suddenly add many many more people to be effectively involved in the internet.  Think about it... suddenly our non-techs, non-typists, non-text-oriented folks can be productive on the net... by simply using what they've got -- a cell phone.



The most-often mentioned technologies are...



Some applications of these technologies for positive neighborhood change...


  • call in a report from an event.
  • call in a quick report from your neighborhood or sector of the city -- encourage and inspire us.  Or solicit our help quickly.
  • call in a new idea you just thought of, that others might want to hear about.
  • interview someone, just using your cell phone.
  • Designing a new-media communication center






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