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Creating a new page

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Create a new page...


[First... Make SURE you've seen these great video-clips re WIKIS.]


(Example -- you could start a page like this.)


Here at AskAnythingSaturday.com, for instance...

  • Log-in.  See little login link in the upper-right corner of screen.  [Click here for Terms of Use and PASSWORD.]
  • Click the blue NEW PAGE button at top.
  • Give your new page a name.  (And don't worry about it or get hung up re other options re templates, etc. -- just give it a logical name and move on.)
  • Type something on your new page.
  • Hit the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.
  • La Voila !!!  You did it!


You can now go back any number of times by hitting the EDIT button.  Change stuff or write more.  Add links.  Or add pictures, etc.  And hit the SAVE button.


And here's how to Create A Link to your page, or to any other page on the internet.




Special wiki trick... Creating a new page automatically, by creating a link to it.


It's not only easy to EDIT EXISTING PAGES... but it's also really easy to START NEW PAGES.


Imagine... What if you were editing one page and decided you really needed to add a new page in order to drill into more depth on a topic.  Say, you wanted to mention 'RSS feeds' in one page and then start a new page to discuss it in greater detail as a separate topic.  And of course, then you'd want to LINK to that new page you started.  Right?  Now imagine you had the powers of "I Dream of Jeanie" -- you'd just blink the new page into existence and the link to it at the same time?


Ok, it's not THAT easy.  But nearly.


As you're editing one page, you can add a link to a brand new page (not even really yet in existence) by writing the link in brackets like this... [RSS Feeds].  As you type that, it will automatically turn into a link like this...  RSS Feeds.  Cool huh?


And after you save the page you're working on, you can click your new link and go edit your newly-created, blank page... and write all about your new topic (RSS Feeds).

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