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David Voelker

Page history last edited by indychristian 15 years, 9 months ago

David Voelker





Temporary stuff I'm working on...


Neighborhood Flyers Project (for Faith Hope & Love Week)


  • Top flyer needs to be 'Faith Hope & Love Week'... recruiting vols for this week... esp. Thursday, when the cafe is hosting.
  • Emergency Numbers List  (who could compile this one-page list of helpful numbers for the MFC Neighborhood?) -- (ran out of time to complete... Neil)
  • UBcafe Flyer.   (Done.  Ready... -Neil)
  • 'Ask Anything Saturday' program flyer   (Done.  Ready... -Neil)
  • Greater Faith House of Prayer VBS flyer  (Sister Gail?  They have one, but probably just need to modify it.
  • 'Food Link' flyer (Dave, I confirmed with David Woodrupp -- he'll have 250 flyers for you at the cafe before Saturday.... STILL NOT DELIVERED TO US... -Neil)
  • 'Constitution Gardens' -- re Grand Opening Event... for their newly opening housing units in the neighborhood.   (delivered... Neil)
  • Nancy Stimson, Free Wheelin' Bike Ministry Flyer  (Her guy Daniel said they'd greatly welcome such an opportunity.)
  • MidNorth Church Council (?)
  • Raphael
  • Life Center (fka/ Crisis Pregnancy Center) -- one near us over on Meridian.
  • Neighborhood Legal Clinic
  • Mapleton Fall Creek CDC
  • Tab Church -- (Dave, I called and left message.... -Neil)
  • See Mapleton Fall Creek wiki-page of great links in the neighborhood -- David you could ask pretty much ANY or ALL of them if they'd like to have 250 flyers distributed.
  • Caveat:   No flyers that fly in the face of the Church of Jesus Christ.





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