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HowTo YouTube

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HowTo YouTube....


Uploading your video-clip to YouTube.com is really easy... with a couple of tips, that is.  Notably, one of the things they DON'T tell you in the process is... when you're pretty much complete and you wonder if it's really doing anything... you just need to wait.... as it processes your video and posts it... automatically.  It takes a while, but there's nothing you have to do.)


How to use the 'embedded code' to post a video into your website.

  • Find a video you like and want to embed in your blog, for instance.
  • Copy the 'embedded code' showing at the video site.

    (Example, YouTube videos all have an information block about that video which contains the 'embedded code'.)

    What it is, is the html coding you'll need to insert into YOUR html coding at your website or blog.

  • If you use Blogger as your web blog for instance, simply start a new post... hit the HTML TAB... and paste the code... and hit PUBLISH.  La Voila!




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