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joe reese

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Hello this is JOE REESE from Indianapolis IN. I'm all about my Father's Business.

I'm here to Spread The Good News, to all Mankind of this Generation in the World.

Speaking to yall straight up. This is REAL TALK.




I'm on Fire! 

I'm on fire for the LORD right now. U can't take this new hit cause its different. "He who hates me hates my FATHER as well."(John 15:23) U will see my powers by the moves I make. I'm on/up high. The  darkside  can't  take  the  hit. Tryin to cut off my power but I'm well protected. GOD's love is all around me. I'm glad he chosen me to write these encourage letters/stories to encourage a lot of people. "I am sending him to you for the express purpose that you may know about our circumstances and that he may encourage your hearts."(Col 4:8) Just what this world need more people on GOD's side/team. The devil is misleding the whole world. Thus JEHOVAH revealed that it was his purpose to empower a "seed" to crush Satan and his forces and to prove the rightfulness of His sovereignty.(Psalm 110:1,2) It's time to slow down stop n listen to these hits. Jesus told me. "I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me." (Acts 26:17,18) So are you payin attention to me? I hope so. I'm on Fire!  








MAKIN' POWER MOVES by Joseph T. Reese.

I Ended 05 a Soldier.

I Started 06 a Warrior for Jesus Christ.

I Thank God for that Change.  He said I'll be perfect for that part.

From the 1st to the 4th Generation the Well Ran Low, but now the 3rd- n-4th Generations are MAKIN' POWER MOVES to overflow  the Well.  Thanks to the POWER I receive through my relationship with Jesus Christ.  In God's Word He tells us that "I can do all things THROUGH HIM who strengthens me."  (Philippians 3:14).


Maintain the Flow for the upcoming Generations, help them find and stay on the Right Path. 

And for the Loved One's that fell off the family tree... one day we will see each other again to Live Rich in Heaven.


For ALL of us who are SAVED through the SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST...we will ALL see each other in Heaven, praising God Forever.


I hope the good outweighs the bad things they did, 'cause from the 1st Generation, we were taught the Word-n-to Teach it to all Generations so we can lay our crowns of good deed at His feet.


Enemies might survive the 1st round, but at the end of the Battle, my Partner and I will stand up with Our Hands in the Air for Victory over our Enemies.  Enemies want to put my lights out, but I don't fret, 'cause I know He's got my back.  That one day. even if my enemies win today.... WE win in the end and FOREVER!!


So, get right with God, through the SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, live right by the laws and have fun cause you will Live Forever in Heaven, Where The Lights Will Never Go Out!






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