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I am a humble servant of JESUS CHRIST and finished my first book which are inspirational and spiritual poems.  These poems are knowledge for the soul and will lead a lot of people back towards GOD THE FATHER and JESUS CHRIST; giving all the credit and glory to GOD.  This book is GOD's book and will show people the difference between a Luke-Warm Christian and a True Christian; being a Christian is not going to Church and bible study and then your new ways are forgotten.  A True Christian understands spiritually that it is a change of living for the rest of their remaining lives and in the process you build up your faith.


I lack the financial funds to complete the publication process.  The title will be FEEL THE POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT. I am looking for grants to help finance the publication.  I am asking help from all true Christians to help get GOD's book published (this is my first fruits and I am dedicating it to GOD).  Please keep in mind that people die of LACK of KNOWLEDGE every single day.  This book is for the Kingdom of GOD.  I leave this in GOD's hands.




Kurt Russell Visak a humble servant of JESUS CHRIST.


ps.  my personal email is kurtvisak@yahoo.com so feel free and communicate with me over there.  When I recite some of these poems. I get standing ovations everywhere.  Men come up to me and shake my hand and saying that I inspire them.  Women come up to me in tears and hug me saying GOD BLESS YOU.

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