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Creating A Link...


My Little Dog, 'Link'... 

  • He's little.
  • He's hyper-active.  Sometimes I call him HyperLink. 
  • He fetches.
  • Kick him Click him... and he makes a sound, then goes somewhere and does something.
  • He cost me nothing.
  • But he's extremely valuable to me.
  • What did I ever do without him?
    • Some people would say the little tiny hyperlink changed the world...   It's made possible by the simple computer program language called 'HTML' (HyperText Markup Language).  Thus the internet... is simply a set of pages... navigable via these little 'links'.


How to create a LINK... ...when you're in the EDIT mode of almost any publishing kind of program, like wiki's, blogs, MS Word, or even most email programs...



  • Highlight any piece of text... a few letters... a word... a phrase... even a whole sentence or paragraph.
  • Click the little LINK icon above on the format bar .
  • Tell it where you want your highlighted-text to 'click to'.
    • If you're linking to a page inside this current wiki, just choose it from the middle dropdown menu.
    • If you're linking to a page elsewhere on the internet, you first have to select URL from the top dropdown menu.  Then on the middle line, fill in the URL (address, page, link) where you want to link to.
  • Hit Enter (or click OK).
  • La Voila... you just created a hyperlink.


Special wiki trick... Creating a new page automatically by creating a link to it.

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