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Little Red Car

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago

'Little Red Car' -- A Neighborhood Economics Project... 



1996 Honda EX with a sun-roof


It's 12 years old.   A one-owner... owned by the proverbial little ol' lady school teacher *wink*.  And she's giving it for the 'Ask Anything Saturday' internet training program... with a challenge that they somehow add value upon value... and trade it or sell it in such a way as to make money on it because of their web-training, their social networking, their eBay skills, video-marketing, innovation roundtable, etc.


Question is... How shall we do that?  We need your ideas....


  • Btw, the wholesale value on it is apparently appx $2,000.
  • How much value can we add to it?
    • Add an an OnStar guidance sys for minimal invest?
    • Add an Onboard reading device?  Just read media article cited by UToledo Prof that one activity people do more of in a car these days is READ.  Can U believe it?
  • Proceeds will be used as follows...
  • The first $2,000 will go to fund 4 new $500 'Each One Teach One' training trees -- we call 'em The Begats Tree.  If done as planned, that $2,000 will underwrite 200 more e-trained individuals from the 4 newly-chosen neighborhoods.
  • The value-added will go toward...  [to be determined -- who's got some great ideas?  List 'em below.]
  • Reminder of a successful project like this in the past... 'One Red Paperclip' -- does that give you any ideas?







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