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Neil Cox

Page history last edited by indychristian 16 years, 1 month ago

 Hi, I'm Neil Cox... one of the volunteers here at the Unleavened Bread Cafe.  You can even cell me... 317-490-1255.  Email me at Coach@Goal-Partners.com.




(We always try to help people get pictures up to the web so they can use them in places like this, because PICTURES help people get to know each other and remember each other more easily.  How can we build a great set of cafe-relationships if we can't even recognize people and know their names?  Need help getting your picture made?  Or uploaded?  Just ask -- we'll help... any Saturday at the cafe... 10am til noon.  Here are a ton of photos we've taken at the cafe... some each week... then uploaded to Flickr.com and tagged 'ubcafe' so they'll all show up together at this link.)


I'll add more here over time... but for now, at least you can quickly get to know me via these links...

  • My bio
  • My offical, personal blog -- LovingChange.com
  • My private page behind-the-scenes at CrossroadsConnection.com.
  • My Facebook Profile page... Add me as a friend if you think you dare.  LOL.
  • My profile page at MyChurch.org 
  • My (real) church... River Oaks Community Church, Carmel.
  • IndyChristian.com -- the TEAM-blog site I'm heavily involved with -- 'Connecting Driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World'.  It's a centralized, daily (we hope) internet starting page for those of you 'on the team', so to speak, ie... those of us who are anxious to work together here in our city.... to accelerate the Great Commission and its loving impact.  I'm the 'editor'... and there are over 50 pastors/leaders trained
  • Blews.Network -- the 50-state network of city-sites like IndyChristian.com.  I'm one of the co-founders there.
  • 'Center For Urban Innovation' -- initiated at Crossroads Bible College -- I'm the director of this new venture to train innovative cityreachers.
  • TechMission program at the cafe.... My involvement at the cafe has been that we came along the existing cafe-ministry in 2004, helping them bring in the internet and making the cafe wireless.  Since then we have consistently come down to the cafe on Saturday mornings to get to know people and to help answer computer/internet-related questions.  The program is aligned nationally wtih TechMission.org -- the Association of Christian Community Computing Centers.... an affiliate of CCDA.
  • Considering the great usefulness of Wikis in helping link & define the Church and its mission, I've become a huge advocate of wiki participation.  Here are some wiki sites at which I participate to some degree...

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