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Also see our 'Podcasting for Urban Change' class unit in "New Media for Urban Change".



Notes taken during Scott Wilder & Chaotic Christians special PODCASTING Training session at the UBcafe 4/28/2007


  • See sample podcasting sites (links) above.
  • Scott's great .ppt presentation -- we'll try to post a copy of it here... soon.
  • GoodSearch.com... to help fund ministries even!
  • Very related to podcasting... RSS Feeds, Readers & Aggregators !!!  It's the art of automatically PULLING your favorite info daily (even hourly) into YOUR own page, just for you.... instead having to go surf all those sites every day.
  • Exciting days for VIDEO cameras... and how that relates to (video) podcasting.
  • Even how to make some money with podcasting... while simply doing what you love to do anyway!  (eg.. friend podcasting while teaching about ______  in little 5-10 minute clips.)
  • What equipment you'll want?  (cheap!)
  • YouMail.com ???
  • Ustream.tv -- LIVE video streaming !
  • MyPodcast.com -- it's at least the (free) site used by Hope City (re emergency podcasting).


Stray Thoughts, Notes, Ideas, Comments, Links:




Here's one place to find/choose a Podcast Creator program to expedite the creation of your podcast.

  • [Your favorites, anyone?]

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