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Excel & Other Spreadsheets...


  • (We need to teach the basic use of Excel... and alert people to other spreadsheet functions online these days via Web2.0.)
  • (Example... Jab and I sat down the other day for 5 minutes and took a look at Excel... and he could see it wasn't rocket-science but very helpful. )
  • (Perhaps CBC Computer Class might help develop this page.... y'think?)
  •  Here's the latest new feature of PBwiki... Spreadsheets to plug-in to your wiki-page... example below... (soon).  [One of the great features is that, unlike Google Spreadsheets, this plug-in allows for LINKS.]
  • Nice excel video (but embed-disabled, ugh) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L1OVkw2ZQ8



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