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The Begats

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The Begats....


The Who's Who of Ask Anything Saturday...


Our Learning Tree

How EVERYONE can add to the tree

 "Each One Teach One" 
"I teach You.
You teach Somebody.
Somebody teaches Him.
Him teaches Her.
Her teaches Them.
Them teaches Who.
Who teaches Y'all.
And Y'ALL can teach EVERYBODY."











How EVERYONE can add to 'The Begats Tree'...


  • What is this program?   It's simply a one-on-one, 'each one teach one' internet training program.
  • Your Cost?   $ One Million Dollars per Person
  • Payback?   If YOU then train someone else, we'll give you a 'million-dollar-bill'... and call it even.  when you teach someone , that's the whole program. 
  • Train people to do WHAT?



  • Want to learn other valuable job e-skills? Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Blogging, Podcasting, Video, Internet TV ???  See our whole list of capabilities in the...

The Internet Toolkit


  • Our training program was founded by IndyChristian.com & friends...  It continues to be sponsored locally by the "Center For Urban Innovation"... and affiliated nationally with TechMission -- "Transforming Communities Through Innovation."  It is staffed totally by volunteers... enumerated and linked below... many of whom now belong to the local geeks union... IndyChristianGeeks.com *smile*



  • Other Training Programs offered now (or in the near future)...
    • Reconciliation Training -- Multi-cultural reconciliation, family-reconciliation, peace-making, and even training re how-to-collaborate effectively.
    • Worldview Training -- Finding 'Truth' for Yourself
    • Timothy Tree -- Life-on-Life Discipleship & Mentoring
    • Train-an-eTrainer Program











Our Internet Training Family Tree...



Neil Cox -- Founder, IndyChristian.com


Jim Ackert



Mike Wingo, Joshua Yamson


Scott Wilder - Chaotic Christians Podcast, Church Tech Podcast & Musician/Worship Leader


Dr. Thomas Ho -- Web 2.0 Training


Alex Conner -- video training


Tom McCormick -- Technology Lab Admin





Victory Village Shoppe (our new location!!!)


Eric Himelick --








Kingdom Cafe  (another new location on the Eastside!!!)


Damita Ivey

  • Pastor Trey Davis









(How about YOUR church or community center?  Contact us.)






WANTED LIST -- Any of our other Cafe Regulars... Not Yet Officially 'Trained'


  • [we'll want to compile a list here of cafe regulars who perhaps haven't been officially 'checked-out' and qualified to train others... and of course then pursue them like a wanted criminal (**smile**), track 'em down... and lasso them into the program so they at least know HOW to get involved & train others if the opportunity arises.]
  • Probably several of them are already in-process, somewhere along line...
  • ...eg., Sister Elease
  • Tom Strodtman, Dave Voelker, & other board members.



And we're willing to work together with other Christian wikis even!



(Terms of Use)


A Nightmare on Elm Street full movie download



Check Out Another Wiki! I figured that since I help keep this wiki "safe" it'd be okay to link to mine.

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 4:17 pm on May 5, 2007

Hi! Joe Walsh has an excellent idea. I do have this link on my Web lesson pages. The 12-week curriculum is Window to the World and uses the Jesus film. I have expanded each lesson with Life Skills suitable for low-intermediate ESL learners by CASAS teaching goals. The lessons are listed on my page near the bottom: http://www.leslie2k.com. When you click on a lesson scroll down to the Internet Audio Reading and Practice Exercises for each lesson. This makes a 12-week curriculum into 24 weeks and has served our learners well.

I also recommend Merriam-Webster's tool bar so when the international students are doing research, they can copy and paste the new word into the tool bar to hear it and find out the meaning. Further, I ask students I tutor in Accent Reduction to listen to the week-day broadcasts, Word for the Wise, to listen to various speaking skills that will help them communicate more effectively.

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