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TV Production

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The 'Wiki Encyclopedia of CityReaching' is collaboratively sponsored by the 'Center For Urban Innovation'... "Producing Innovative CityReachers."


TV Production Wiki for Ask Anything Saturday --



Sorry... we're experiencing some extra difficulties in re-establishing our TV production & training program since the cafe renovations.  We hope to have things back underway as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you may want to see our citywide 'Communications Team' initiative, and the associated video-training involved.





"New Media for...
Neighborhood Change."





Coordinate Production Schedule for Ask Anything Saturday TV.


And provide other 'behind the scenes' info about how we produce (and train re) these weekly tv shows from the UBcafe.


 Who  What  When  Where  Why  How


Discussion Thread





When?   10am weekly...






  • Episode #5 -- Feb. 2nd -- "Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center (INRC)", (Tom McCormick producing)   (Discussion Link... Techs have the community room this week.  Attending... Neil, Tom(Mc?), Nita, Alex, ____)


  • Episode #6 -- Feb. 9th -- "BarCamp Indy" (Scott Wilder, producing)   (Discussion Link... We will have the community-room that day, for BarCamp Indy 2008.  Attending... Neil, ___, ____)


  • Episode #7 -- Feb. 23th -- "Here's Life Inner City", (Neil producing)  (Discussion Link... We ended up having the community room after all.)  BThe previously planned 'Bethlehem Houlse' episode was a busted play  Isaac was a no-show.  [pass for now -- wait & see if he wants to do it.]




WAIT... we're currently in a construction phase at the cafe... To be continued soon.





  • Episode #9 -- Mar. 1st -- "Living Wages", (_____ producing)  (Discussion Link... FYI, Living Wage group will have the community room and have said they'd be GLAD to have us do a segment on them.)


  • Episode #10 -- Mar. 8th -- "Spreading the Good News", (_____ producing - Joseph Reese(Discussion Link... FYI, Board will have the community-room until 10am)


  • Episode #11 -- Mar. 15th -- "Women In Motion", (_____ producing)  (Discussion Link... FYI, Women In Motion will have the community-room that day.  Pam Goodwin, leader, has committed to it.)


  • Episode #12 -- Mar. 22nd -- "____________", (_____ producing)  (Discussion Link... TechMission week for the community room)


  • Episode #13 -- Mar. 29th -- "____________", (_____ producing)  (Discussion Link... FYI, ________________ will have the community room)


  • Episode #14 -- Apr. 5th -- "____________", (_____ producing)  (Discussion Link... FYI, Living Wage group has the community room)


  • Episode #15 -- Apr. 12th -- "____________", (_____ producing)  (Discussion Link... FYI, Board will have the community room til 10am)


  • Episode #16 -- Apr. 19th -- "____________", (_____ producing)  (Discussion Link... FYI, Women In Motion will have the community-room that day.  Good topic though???)


  • Episode #17 -- Apr. 26th -- "____________", (_____ producing)  (Discussion Link... TechMission week for the community room)


  • Episode #18 -- May 3rd...


  • Episode #19 -- May 10th...  "Mothers Day at the Cafe" (______ producing)... Sister Gail.







  • Aspiring leaders for change.  Is that YOU?  We want the 'show' to be innovative... and not burdensome on any one person.  So we're developing a list below, to sign up to help produce a week's show.
  • Hosts will be various folks involved at the UBcafe... and from the surrounding neighborhood.  Is that YOU (yet)?  If not, that's easily remedied **smile** Come on down. 
  • Our show guests will be... well... our cafe guest EVERY Saturday -- our friends from the neighborhood & city, who stop by to get to know others and enjoy being together.
  • We'll also be looking for internet-guests to interview... in neighborhoods of OTHER cities.
  • The cafe's "Ask Anything Saturday" internet-training program is a joint initiative of the 'Center For Urban Innovation'.
  • Some segments may be produced by our "New Media for Urban Change" students.  Or media students (or 'media campers') from elsewhere around the city.
    • Eric Yateman  -- run the camera especially in the neighborhood
    • Ellen Spencer -- graphics needed?? Otherwise, I'll be helping AskAnythingSaturday with the hands on stuff.
    • Neil Cox -- 'Center For Urban Innovation' (co-sponsor).  Scheduling, work with Geeks re innovating, and coming up with innovation-training ideas for the neighborhoo & city.
    • David Scott -- hosting frequently.
    • Tom McCormick -- helping twice a month (he's definitely a tech wiz with cam & mic).
    • Scott Wilder -- ________
    • Alex Conner -- AskAnythingSaturday.TV Webmaster, stream management
    • Jonathan Thomas --
    • Tom & Liz -- host a segment from time to time???
    • Elease's family members --  host some segments from time to time?  (Chaus & Tiara, for instance?)
    • Joe, Gail & Rhonda -- [could the church produce something monthly?]
    • BOARD MEMBERSHIP -- [perhaps having them specifically take 'Board Saturday' to do something cool re the vision of the cafe and how it's working out.]






  • The live internet-tv show will be whatever we (all) develop it to be.  **smile**  That is, the sky is the limit !  Think outside the box.
  • It will be 'live'... but the footage generated will also be archived... and maybe even edited into a podcast format to archive & proliferate asynchronously throughout the web.
  • Primarily it will center on people asking & answering questions of importance to the neighborhood... any neighborhood. 
  • So it's really about PEOPLE... in the cafe... in the neighborhood... and via new-media, around the country (and maybe even the world!) 







  • UBcafe and surrounding neighborhood... and world.  Or we might use a byline that we're "At The Corner of Need & Neighborhood".
  • Some days in the 'community room'.  Some days in the 'cafe' section. 
  • Some days we'll be going out into the neighborhood, to talk with folks. 
  • Some days we might go visit neighborhood ministries... like Peter's House, Raphael Health Center, Rebuilding the Wall, etc.







  • To stimulate change... in us.  In you.  In ALL of us as a team.  And as a result... transform lives & communities.
  • To answer people's burning questions.
  • To continue helping our urban neighborhoods 'cross the digital divide'.
  • To continue helping suburban friends 'cross the multicultural divide'.
  • To train folks in the use of new media tools.  And see first-hand, its effectiveness in the 21st Century world.
  • To begin building a collaborative Media Center on the web... to expedite cityreaching here & everywhere. 
  • To bless the cafe ministry.... and its friends here in the neighborhood & city.






  • At extremely minimized cost.  Maybe zero -- Remember, we're developing urban abilities to learn and exploit low-cost, high-impact tools.  So we may need to work at keeping this really, really cheap... even if big funds may become available.  This must be 'power in the hands of the people'.
  • Wiki.  Exploit the efficiencies of using a simple, centralized tool to help produce the shows collaboratively.
  • Equipment... As necessary, simply use webcam's built into our laptops.  And borrow or rent quality cams as practical.  Cafe's broadband.
  • Use passionate people.
  • How to get YOUR favorite videos into the Ask Anything Saturday TV queue? (videos which run when we don't have LIVE programming)... If you're a 'Delicious Christian'... just tag a video url as 'aastvq'.  Our tv producers will then consider adding it to the queue.
  • Mogulus... We're starting off using Mogulus as our provider.  [Here's their 'backstage' production area where you can collaborate with other producers.]  Why Mogulus?
    • Stream LIVE.  And archive it for re-runs.
    • Fill-in non-LIVE time with YouTube videos, etc.
    • [Alex... other comments?]
  • Have FUN !!










Discussion Thread... including stray thoughts, ideas, links...



  • Ben & Jerry's innovative grant opportunity -- maybe our capital costs to buy our equipment?
  • Consider Mogulus.com multi-channel methodology.  [ran into a lot of problems with bandwidth at Mogulus.  try again in the future, perhaps.]
  • various hosts, including... David Scott, Neil, Tom McCormick, Ellen, and any number of our folks who are instrumental at the cafe.
  • various guest, including... all sorts of friends, neighbors, service-providers, civic officials, and our suburban connections who would be interested.
  • various guests COULD include 'internet guests'... if we use technology that allows us to pull in via a separate web-cam.
  • Take it out on the streets from time to time, as we walk and talk with neighbors.
  • Maybe go visit some best-practice locations... like Rebuilding The Wall.
  • Support the show with the 'Ask Anything Saturday' wiki... where everyone can participate easily... share info with each other.
  • By-product... It could help prove the concept of 'New Media for Urban Change'.
  • Guests or neighborhood-focused urban ministries to go visit...  Rebuilding the Wall.  Shepherd Community.  Jireh (our area).  Area Youth Min.  Victory Village Shoppes.  Farm. 
  • Technology:   BlogTV.com?   But can we archive it?  Ultimately, we of course want to get it to YouTube, and distribute it easily from there.
  • Caveat:  Don't forget what Pastor Hudson's friend always says... "The devil is in the live-feed."  LOL   [meaning... technology's great... when it works].
  • Since all CityReachers around the country can EDIT the wiki, maybe they'd like to wiki-produce some of the episodes.  **smile**
  • Show Segments???    God's Perspective, Neighbors Perspective, Internal Process Perspective, Change Perspective.
  • Produce Quality Content:   [Someday this could even go to cable-programming.]
  • Inspire & Train new-media types.... [in line with our current internet training program to help cross the digital divide, the multicultural divide, and God's eternal divide.]
  • Continue to stimulate ways of 'spinning straw into gold'...  eg. fundraising for guys like Tom with ministry vision but lacking funds yet.
  • Advertisements?  Not really -- that would run into tax issues.  But we would gladly help various churches/ministries promote (great) things for free.
  • Equipment:    TomMc has some key pieces of equip to start out with. 
  • Equipment and Production: Alex has Camera, Mic, Software and ability enough to get us started ( Technical end is taken care of :) ), Ready to provide a live stream at http://askanythingsaturday.tv with live chat, create video podcast from recorded episodes, ability for visitors to submit questions, guest "stars" via Skype or other Video Chat program
  • Probably the best way to include others in the show from around the country is via Skype or other Video Chat, since I am unaware of any "Wiki" type video editing platforms with any amount of power (much like the limitations faced by a regular wiki vs regular web page).
  • Remember - you can only pick two: Fast, Good, Cheap...  If we want the show to be good and cheap, we're going to have to plan the show out ahead of time and do as much as practical canned...
  • Is there a date & time we can sit together and discuss the following...
  • Issue to discuss & resolve:  Consolidating (or at least clarifying) AAS TV content...
    • Problem...   For the sake of the overall program, we all need to understand where our AAS content is, how to get to it, and how best to coordinate our team.
    • Solutions...  Here's at least one proposed solution (everyone is welcome to propose other solutions belows)...
    • Solution #1... Because the AAS mission hasn't changed, and because we've not yet discussed nor decided to move the whole AAS wiki-site elsewhere... we could focus everything to the existing program site... AskAnythingSaturday.com (the wiki).  It would help us stay simple for the sake of our constituency; let them more easily participate; increase our SEARCHability; be more consistent until we truly decide to depart from the simple model.  To that end, I've already now dissolved the TV Production page in the cityreaching wiki... and started this one (which looks remarkably similar... LOL).  Notice how we've started adding 'Discussion Section' to the bottom of many of our wiki-pages... it's quick & simple.  No extra log-in.    -Neil
    • Solution #1 Comment... Think of AASTV as a regular 'show'... as a function of the internet-training program of the cafe,  Sure, Indy Christian Geeks are a big part of its success (among others)... and we can link off to the Geeks site.  But let's try to be sure to rightfully include the various others who are working together to help this venture... eg... the program's foundational purpose and 'sponsorship'... IndyChristian.com... and subsequent co-venture... 'Center For Urban Innovation'.  And really, every faithfully-replicating trainer at the cafe is a significant piece of this and should be considered.  (eg. Chaotic Christians, etc.). -Neil
    • Solution #1 Comment... We need to ensure that we're at every stride trying to not just DO, but also TRAIN people in our wake.  Again, this is aided by reducing everything to one basic wiki (here). -Neil
    • Solution #1 Comment... Since wikis can't provide video-hosting, etc... the hosting of the actual videos is occurring compliments of Voodl's Blip.TV site (or whatever site)... praise God.
    • Solution #1 Comment... In order for the show to build as a 'podcast' (with an RSS feed and with show-notes alongside)... it needs to sit on a better platform than a wiki... thus the attempt at optimizing AskAnythingSaturday.TV.  The problem has been that we've changed platforms a number of times and now need to lock-in a little stability now.   Question:  Can the 'podcast' be conducted at the UBcafe blog-site? - answer: not easily, Blogger is a very lightweight platform and doesn't have the ability to have RSS Enclosure tags.
    • Solution #1 Comment... Distribution of the AASTV episodes... can occur through any number of methods... including but not limited to... the Blews.TV network (advocated among our cityreaching friends via CityReaching.TV).  The focus of that system is to build toward optimizing city-by-city, neighborhood-by-neighborhood new media centers.  The shows can also just as easily be distributed by others... (Scott? Alex?)
  • Future Note...  The intention is to replicate the 'Ask Anything Saturday'  concept (one affiliate of the national TechMission association) to other urban locations... In fact, Cornerstone Church (on the eastside) is now up & ready to go.  Presumably, we would help them get started with a community-tv set of episodes as well.  Similarly, we'd like to
  • Comments re Video Techniques... [ht:JoeW] One tip would be to try to move the web cam angle or focus from talking head or two talking heads to a graphic of an outline or a ppt or other people listening as it gets a bit dry watching one or two people from a static position. Even if the camera moved from head to head about every 45-60 seconds. Also, I think what is said could be shortened in time. An outline graphic would help with this as far as where things stand in the streaming audio.  Maybe put text over the top the video. Perhaps every 30 sec to min the text of the outline of the episode could pass over the screen with a bullet indicating which point one is one. just another idea for making it have movement, flow, pacing...
    •  Camera movement couldn't happen this episode as we did everything with a webcam; I'd like to have some good quality handheld cameras and train some people to do great video editing, but so far none of this has been able to occur.  This kind of editing requires hours of time, and simply isn't practical yet...  Also, most of these episodes happen with minimal preparation, and are kind of "made up" as we go along...



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