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Victory Village

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Victory Village Shoppe... Another (planned) AAS Program Location... 


(on Indy's Eastside)


One of Victory Inner City Ministries locations



  • Eric Himelick (Exec. Dir.) would like to start a computer training program similar to 'Ask Anything Saturday'.
  • Their shoppe is open on Saturday mornings and might be perfectly suited to the AAS program as currently designed.
  • But having a new environment for us to work with, with different people involved, might lead us to new discoveries & ways of conducting our unique mission...
  • ...ie, helping people cross the 3 great divides... Digital, Multicultural, and God's eternal divide.
  • Their shoppe is transitioning into an entrepreneurial incubator, and all the guys involve need computer access & training.
  • ...especially to be able to buy/sell & market... eg. develop eBay capabilities.
  • They already have wireless internet at this location.  And a couple of computers.
  • Eric himself is pretty e-capable, and certainly 'innovative' even in non-tech sense of the word.
  • I'd like our 'Little Red Car' program to generate a $500 package to help these guys train 50 folks in this neighborhood.
  • Our Indy Christian Geeks could greatly help though... (including our friends in outlying areas across the country... eg. Melanie R, who's volunteered to try to help.)
  • [Btw, unrelated to technology, here's an innovative idea that Eric would like to try out... getting volunteers to give him their vegetable garbage.  LOL.  That's right -- he wants their garbage... to help grow worms & mini-composting worm-factories.  He's innovating a 5-gal bucket idea, that we can each keep at home til we fill it up with our vegetable garbage which his worms turn into compost... and we trade buckets periodically.  The idea is very scalable since it's a win-win way for believers to help the ministry, with no cost... and it can be a great lesson for our kids, etc.]
  • Btw... Victory Acres... is a related ministry asset... a farm located near Muncie... for our urban guys to occasionally get 'out of the inner-city environment'... and at the same time, produce value for themselves in the CSA program (think farm co-op... sharing risk/reward among those who help).
  • We'd want to replicate 'The Begats Tree' there, as we're doing at the cafe... thus continuing the "Each One Teach One" methodology of replicating trained neighbors.
  • Ok, what are some great e-capable ways of helping Victory Village Shoppe become a viable training location?  How can you help, anyone?
    • Help develop the wiki, here.
    • Help develop a 'virtual partner' program... say, matching a virtual partner to each V.V.Shoppe trainer or even trainees, if we have enough.
    • Edit video footage into useful clips?
    • [We'll have the occasional use of the cafe's camcorder, for training purposes.]


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