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Basic Video How-To...


Where to begin....






Great Examples of Using Videos in Ministry:

  • Video-conferencing (see our Teleconferencing page)
  • Submit your short video-clip testimony to Yibelieve.com.
  • Here's a good example of a Youth Pastor leveraging the power of YouTube, to prep his students for their upcoming Short-term Missions Trip.  "Extras To Bring". 
  • Here's Ken Ham's video series on-demand... and a new video is added weekly.  (AnswersinGenesis.org is perhaps the most innovative ministry online today.... video's, podcasting, blogging.)
  • Here's a great video produced by Bryan Hudson -- an Indianapolis urban pastor who runs a Media Camp each summer.  And here's their YouTube site.  He produced this one for his daughter as she graduated from high school.  And it's way-worth watching in entirety.  As you do, note the "Failed Film" sketch... done by Christine and her friends.  Is there a point in all this?  Did she get her $120,000 college scholarship just because of her video capabilities?  No, but might there be a gem of wisdom somewhere in all this?
  • Or here... from nearby Carmel, Indiana... a short, to-the-point, video introduction(s) to The ROCC.  And then using videos to prompt discussions all week long on our behind-the-scenes social-networking site... MyROCC.org.
  • Example of how YouTube can be of IMMEDIATE value in urgent ministry situation.  Simple Way fire in Philly.  Distribute video via email & blogs.
  • Tim Bednar, Plaid Blog... lists a number of organizations/sites producing stock video for ministries.
  • Idea... CBMC guys shooting short video-clips from local coffee-shops...   eg... "Where In The World Is Eldon?".   Scene might look like a Paul/Timothy weekly get-together.  Or inviting neighbohood pastors to have coffee together, etc.


Other Helpful Links 



Here's a couple of videos Scott generated at the cafe during our "Ask Anything Saturday" techmission program.




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