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It's NOT a name-branded anything.

It's just a generic term referring to a new type of internet sites and applications (ie, software).



  • If the vast majority of computer work these days is done on the internet... 

    (and not on your free-standing desktop computer).  [New research]

  • And if people hate to download & install special software on their computer...
  • And if we'd really like to have access to our 'stuff' from ANY computer...
  • Then the Web2.0 vision will make a lot of sense to you.
  • Because it's all about WEB applications...
  • Replacing 'software', as we know it...
  • Typically it's free & easy.
  • And if free, easy & highly accessible from anywhere...
  • .... It's perfect for collaboration.
  • And if perfect for collaboration, it's probably collaborative... LOL
  • That is, it allows for comments, feedback, 2-way conversation, and edits.
  • Here's a short video-clip to demonstrate Web2.0.



  • MySpace.com -- You didn't have to download special software to make your MySpace site, did you?
  • Wikipedia.org -- You didn't have to download anything, to be able to help edit Wikipedia, did you? 
  • Blogging -- Free & easy.  Generally allows 'comments' (feedback).
  • Del.icio.us -- social bookmarking.  I save my 'Favorites' now to the web instead of on my computer.  And now you can see MY favorites too.
  • RSS feeds -- easy interchange of info, by bringing news to you, instead of you having to go find it.
  • Here's Tim Bednar's 'Semi-definitive List of Web 2.0 Applications for Churches'.


Why is that important to us?

  • The Church, as we read about it in the Bible, is to be harmonized and sharing 'giftedness'... thus collaborative tools are perfect for us.
  • We have the biggest reason to collaborate... the Great Commission/Commandment.
  • Oh, and we like 'FREE'.



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