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What's an e-capable Christian

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 4 months ago

What is an e-capable Christian?


A Christ-follower... desiring to carry out the Great Commission as quickly and as well as possible using tools God has given us in our day.


Moreover, Christians are not independent -- they're interdependent... Thus the need to be 'e-collaborative'.  See the new O.T. unit re e-collaborative training.



At a minimum, every Christian should be adept at using the following 21st-Century tools...

(from any internet computer anywhere... and without buying or installing software)


  • An online Bible.
  • Search... including advanced Google capabilities... including GoogleNews, Images and GoogleReader.  [How to stay abreast of what's going on in the world... even at the speed of Light.]
  • Email... web-based email, that is... and preferably 'Gmail'
  • Creating Internet pages.  That is, the ability for YOU to PUBLISH online.  Impact others!
  • Other capabilities in the 'Internet Tool Kit'... (optional... but very helpful... try them out... at least have a working knowledge of them).



[Related topic:  'Embedded Reporters']



We're developing our 'Ask Anything Saturday' internet training program at the cafe to meet these objectives over "3 cups of coffee or less".  **smile**



And last but no means least... for as many as would be interested, we want to optimally train INNOVATIVE Christ-followers... Check out the signature course for the new 'Center For Urban Innovation'... "New Media for Urban Change".  Learn great new 21st Century capabilities (and obtain college credit for it) !



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