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Where to Buy a Computer

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Where to buy a computer?


We'll work on building-out a page here with some answers.... But first, some more questions to help us zero-in on your need...


  • Why BUY one when you can effectively BORROW one, anytime?
  • How much do you understand about computers already?  Obviously, some computers are simpler, less 'loaded', and less costly than others.  But some people want fully loaded complex machines, right?
  • How much can you afford to spend (say once every 3 years)?
  • Will you also be able to afford to have internet access at your home?  (broadband access = appx $35 - $50 per month)
  • What will you be using the computer for, primarily?  Who will be using it, primarily?
  • Plan on buying a laptop so it will be mobile... and you can get help more easily, etc... BUT is that really what YOU have in mind?  Or do you have a major reason to want to buy a big ol' clunky DESKTOP computer?
  • Is your heart set on buying a particular name brand?  Example, Apple/Mac has the funniest tv commercials... but is a Mac practical for you?  Let's talk.
  • What's the difference between some of the major types of computers... eg. PC vs. Mac?  (This ought to start a wiki-war quickly enough.  LOL)
  • Are you willing to buy a USED computer?
  • Used computers, with XP operating sys... less than $100... Axis computers, 120 E. Market St, Suite 777, Indianapolis, IN



Ok... Now for some ANSWERS...


  • Personally, I strongly recommend not even thinking about a desktop unit -- Get a laptop !  You'll have more access for help as you need it, and the ability to use it in many different ways... and you'll have much more potential for helping other people as you use it.
  • Consider getting a good, recent-vintage laptop via eBay.
  • Rule of Thumb:  Plan on replacing (whatever) computer every 3 years.  It may run much longer than that, but the technology will have made it virtually obsolete by the end of 3 years. 
  • [We need to look into 'Virtual Scavengers' -- they apparently do some kind of earn-a-computer training program, not dissimilar from what we do at the cafe.]
  • CLEAR Computers --

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