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Working Together

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Wiki Working Together... Is Easy!



"I and the Father are ONE.... Now y'all be one." (John 17:20-23, paraphrased)


So we're all about connecting, harmonizing the body of Christ... to accelerate the Great Commission and its loving impact.  According to the Bible, we've ALL been given a 'ministry of reconciliation.... reconciling people to God... and to each other.


wiki  is a quick & easy way for Christ-followers to demonstrate how to collaborate harmoniously on the internet.  If this concept appeals to you, we invite you help here (see The Begats) and/or provide great resource-links to OTHER Christ-based wikis.   (And we encourage you to reciprocally add a link to 'AskAnythingSaturday.com'.



Where do we volunteer to 

(ACTUALLY) work together,

 using a wiki format?


Other Christian wikis...  [some thoughts on wiki-collaboration among Christians]



Great Christian networks to be helped by participating...



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